Hinge installation: (perform steps for each side)

On my Minuet I did not like the position of the holes pre-drilled in the hinges. I felt that by moving the holes I would lessen my chances of breaking the curved glass. As it turns out the new hole position works better because the anchor screws are now into a more solid location. Also with this positioning, the wing fits tighter to the trailer and I did not have to bend the hardware brackets installed on the wing.

Figure shows detail of the new holes and shows how the pivot side of the hinge is flush to the frame.

This shows the hinge position on the frame

I finally decided on this position for the Rock guard after consultations with my helper.  We positioned the bottom of the Rock guard flush with the trim belt of the trailer.

Put on the hinges

Assemble the hinges on the wings {Hinge Pin UP} (tape if necessary) put the rock guard wing into position and have your helper hold it in place.

Align the bottom of the Rock Guard with the trim belt. double check the hinge position should be flush on the frame. Step back and look at the position from about 10 feet away from the trailer.

If all looks good, check the trim belt position then the hinge position again. Mark the position of the top and bottom hinges. Mark the top and bottoms of each hinge.

Remove the hinges from the wings. Put the hinge into the position you marked. Mark and drill holes.

Use SS screws provided with a small dab of Vulkem. Repeat for next hinge.

Place wing on the hinges should go on without much trouble or binding.