Cam-Lock lock installation:

When installing these you must keep in mind two things:

Don't break the glass.

Install them so they will cause the wing to be pulled tightly against the window frame.

With the wing installed on the hinge have your helper pull the wing around the window frame. (make sure you compress the wing sealing gasket some what. Your call as to how much).

Hold the Cam-Lock anchors in place and mark them for drilling.

Drill and pop rivet into position.

Place Cam-Lock screw thru the mounting tab on the wing and install the capture washer on the screws.

Close wing and turn the Cam-Lock screw 1/2 turn Clock Wise to lock.

Center Section

If you are installing the Rock guard on a full size trailer no modification of the center section should be required. On a Minuet you will have to shorten it by about 8".

Shortening the center section:

Study the figures well before you start, take a good look at the construction of the guard you have in hand. You will be removing about 8 inches in width. (about 4" on each side of the top and bottom rails only.) The hinge is pop riveted onto the frame so you will also have to shorten it and you will have to reuse the holes the factory drilled.

Note: There are many ways cut these Miter joints. You can use a Hacksaw, you can use a Chop Saw, or you could bring it to a glass shop and have them cut it for you. I used a Chop Saw with and Aluminum cutting blade. Works great but be very careful. Safety first.

Lay the Center Section over the top of the Side Guard and center it carefully. Mark the distance between the Side Guards on the top and bottom rails of the Center Section.

Once you have your marks, measure 1/4" toward the center. You will shorten the top and bottom rails by 1/4" on each side, this gives you clearance for operation of the Center Section once installed. Note: These marks are the outside corners of the miter cut you will make.

Disassemble the Center Section

The sides will be reused full length, try not to damage the Miter cuts on the sides during disassembly.

Remove the guard sealing gasket from the frame, also try and remove rubber spline  If you can't get the spline out at this time don't worry about it - it will come out later.

Drill out the pop rivets which hold the hinge to the frame. Place the hinge aside.

Drill out the pop rivets on one side of the center strap between the top and bottom rails.

Drill out the pop rivets on the top and bottom rails, which capture the internal corner brace of the frame.

Once all four corners are drilled, gently tap the sides from the top and bottom rails, it may become necessary to pry them out.
Be careful to not damage the miter cuts on the sidepieces.

Cut and reassemble the Center Section

Locate and cut 45 deg. miter cuts at the marks you made on the top and bottom rails. Note: These are the outside corner of the miter cut.

Find the length of the glass channel on the top rail and transfer that to the Plexiglas minus 1/16" for expansion. Cut you Plexiglas to size. I used a trim saw with a carbide blade to make this cut, it worked fine for me. Go very slowly on the cut and you should be fine.

Gently tap one side of the frame onto the top and bottom rails.

Insert the Plexiglas into the frame and tap the other side into place.

On the inside of the top and bottom rails drill a hole, which will capture the internal corner brace. {I offset the hole from the original position of the hole in the corner brace, I figured it would be stronger that way.} Then pop rivet in place.

Install the rubber spline pushing it in with a screwdriver. 

Install the center strap using the original pop rivet holes.

Position the frame so that you can gain access to the hinge mounting holes. Place the hinge over the original holes and mark how far you will have to shorten the hinge on each side. I cut about an inch for each side.

Cut the hinge to length and reinstall it using the original mounting holes.

Reinstall the guard gasket, you will have to recut the corner miters because it is now shorter. Use a good pair of side cutters, match the original cuts and it will be fine.

Your center section is now reassembled and ready to install on the trailer.