The end is in sight!

Position the center section and have your helper hold it in place.

Check the positioning of the section and step back  - take a good look.

Once you are convinced that it is in position, drill a pop rivet hole thru the center middle of the hinge and trailer while holding the section in place. Recheck your position. Vulkem the hole and pop rivet it only if you are happy with the position.

Recheck the position, if satisfied, pop rivet the hinge ever six inches or so.

Position, drill and pop rivet the holding arms for the center section (See Figs 5 & 6) make sure they are mounted far enough to the outside in order to clear the center window when it is raised.

Position the center section Hood Hold Down rubber straps and pop rivet them into place. 

Install the rubber Hood Hold Down locking points


Argosy Minuet owners: reposition the Argosy badge on the front dome and reinstall using pop rivets.

Remove the protective paper from the Plexiglas.

Test center section for operation, Open/Close, and locked open.

Step back and enjoy your work.