This ‘latch’ fits behind the grab handle of many Airstreams with forward opening doors, sometimes referred to as a suicide doors. Door latches on vintage coaches with worn parts have occasionally opened at high speed causing serious damage to the coach. This simple security latch can prevent this from occurring and is a must-have item.

I recommend cutting the latch from at least 3/4” plywood. Birch ply works well. You then can paint, stain or leave it natural. Some find that they prefer to paint it silver to match their Airstream. I prefer a contrasting color so I can see it quickly to assure myself that it is in place. This template fits most 60’s Airstreams with a grab handle. However, you may need to adjust the shape to fit your coach. The latch should be inserted behind the handle flat then tipped out so the cut out surrounds the handle then settles down to the bottom of the handle. The latch is so easily made and uses so little material I would make more than one.

Consider adding this to your departure check list and store the latch in a visible place to help you remember. The window ledge next to the door is an easy memory jogging 'eye catcher' as you are locking up. Safe travels - Neil

Door latch in place and ready to travel
Insert under center of grab bar
Tip into position and slide down to rest at the base of the grab bar.
Template - rough dimensions. You may need to adjust slightly to fit your trailer.
Store it in plain sight so you'll remember to use it!  Make more than one; share with your Airstreaming friends!